How can I take this product to market ?
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1 year ago
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This session will be an open discussion – where I take suggestions from you on how I should take my product to market.  That’s right – I am not looking to give any gyan here – but get suggestions from all the fantastic folks coming to BarCamp.  Yes, that’s the specific “you” who is reading this now.  Sounds different ? Read on…

Briefly, I am the inventor of a software+hardware(i.e. electronics) system that is designed primarily for in-person digital education. The system tries to solve various problems at scale. It can be used for many things – setting up digital classrooms, computer labs, setting up examination centers, skill development based on video learning, etc . Strange as this may seem, it probably has applications as far out as building gaming centers and digital signage. I will describe this in a bit more detail during the session.

With these many areas of applicability, the question definitely arises – how to take this to market – which use cases are useful – how large is the market – how to reach the various stakeholders.  This is where you – the participant in the session – have a crucial role to play.  I would be looking forward to have a discussion around

  1. your perception of the applicability of the idea and its practical use cases
  2. how to get to early adopters
  3. how to get the word out to reach a wider audience

PS: lunch is on me if you help put me in touch with anybody who will find this useful.

Those who have a specific interest in making access to digital tools more accessible to the masses – kindly do not miss this.

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