What is Barcamp?

Barcamp is a 100% volunteer driven, not-for-profit, free, open-for-all event focused on people, ideas, and collaboration. Barcamp is where people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience can share and collaborate.

Is it free?

Yes! There is no fee for anything at all. Simply register for the event and come on in!

What is the schedule for the event?

Barcamp Bangalore is happening on 25th April, 11 AM to 1 PM – Event Link.

How Do I Attempt Barcamp?

Like all other things, we have gone virtual as well. The event will happen online on Airmeet

What are these sessions you mentioned?

​Each session is 45 minutes long. Sessions can be presented by anyone and they can be about anything. Recommended format is 30 minutes of talk and 15 minutes for Q&A. Share something you’re passionate about, talk about your life experiences, interests or your job. Propose a session right away! Take a look at our previous Barcamp sessions for inspiration.

How are sessions chosen?

In the initial few online BCBs, we are using a combination of public voting and organizer decisions to select the sessions. We’ll try to get a better system once we have a few iterations of the online event.

Who’s organizing Barcamp Bangalore?

Barcamp Bangalore is a 100% volunteer driven not-for-profit event. We are regular people from the community providing a platform for folks from different walks of life to come together and talk about their ideas. Check our Team page and see the Planner’s Blog

Can I help?

Any helping hand is more than welcome. Drop a message to our twitter handle @barcampbng or shoot an email to us

How do I provide my feedback?

Simple! Just twitter @barcampbng or shoot an email to Barcamp Bangalore Meetup!