Varmam Therapy – Self Cure
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What is Varmam – Ramesh Babu

Varmam therapy is a practice by which we get a instant remedy for an ailment of simple or serious condition. From memory development, Stress, Headache, Body Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain and many more. This therapy can be of “do it your self” for few diseases and can be done on others.

Varmam medical practice is considered to be the fundamental practice of the two ancient medical practices ie, the Indian system of medicine and the Chinese system of medicine.

This was initially used in self defense and we are going to discuss only about therapy part of Varmam and not in self defense in this session.

Little more information for newbees : Varmam is something like acupuncture or acupressure and not exactly the same, but for understanding. We have 108 varmam points in our body which can give us all good and bad depends on how we use it.  Varmam points are more vital and powerful in curing and inducing diseases.  It is very good in giving permanent cure and even can be used to awakening a comma patient and awakening a kundalini.


Some vital points used with known pressure can create a partial disability for some time and was used to defend from any one and not covered in this session.

So in your work place when you feel tired or exhausted, you can use the varmam to stimulate your shulumuna naadi and get a nice energy to continue working or even to get a nice sleep(insomniac) and relieve from should pain and body ache.

Some important diseases.

All type of Headache cum Migraine, Sinusitis, Rhinorrhoea, Dyspnoea, Eye Diseases ,Loss of Memory,Mental Stress, Insomnia, Snoring, Prostitis, Subfertility, Uterine Disorders , Vertigo, Neck rigidity,  Epilepsy,  Unconciousness,  Tinnitus, Paralysis, Deafness and Many more.

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