why do youths not knowing about simple laws
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9 years ago
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Guys please think about laws which were used in our daily life. Today people of every community were suffering from their birth to death….all the people are telling that if a person enter court his life will be gone.why this type of hesitation coming in youths. ….last year some 200 colleges top ranked students attended rahul gandhi interaction between youth and there power. …..these students asked stupid question to rahul gandhi about job creation women empowerment women security n many silly things……if I was there I just want to ask this rahul gandhi only 1qustion if this rahul gandhi and family are clean hands in politics I was to challenge him openly that please sign on this BOND PAPER that your family dont have black money in any worlds too most leading..this is just a small example. …..every one thinks that education is only for knowledge and to get a good…..is this ok for your life….pls change that to eduction for educating to help others. ……do u people agree with this…….how many of you people faced court for family education job tax etc cases…..how many of you people want to be a public hero in good manner not like politicians or celebrity……all ladies are telling that a girl who suffers as rape victim will be treated brutality . …..if bous have to give counter for this question they have many looopholes in there life n lack of knowledge about laws…..I have somany reasons and questions reguarding about indian laws and acts which were used againest boys…….

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