Understanding Critical Rendering Path
Presented by: Gaurav Singh
9 years ago
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Delivering a fast web experience requires a lot of work by the browser. Most of this work is hidden from us as web developers: we write the markup, and a nice looking page comes out on the screen. But how exactly does the browser go from consuming our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to rendered pixels on the screen?” — Google Developers

Critical Rendering Path is one of the most important part of Optimising Web Apps Performance. With the increase in JavaScript based apps, optimising how browser renders your pages has become really important.

However CRP still remains one of the most dark areas on web with not much content available on it and most of engineers still consider it to be a black magic.

In this talk, I propose to explain how browsers consume bytes and render them into pixels on screen. This will help front end developers to optimise perceived performance for apps they develop.

Session difficulty level: In-depth talks

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