Gamble with nothing to loose.
Presented by: Sandeep Mederametla
9 years ago
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When I was 19 I stated a company called Desto out of college, by the time I was 21 I realised that my business is going no-where, then at 22 I was a co-founder and CTO for a Microsoft accelerator company called Chance, with in an year we shut the shop.

I was pretty much disappointed and depressed to be precise because I was thinking that I wasted 3 years of my active young life going no where. Later in about 6-8 months after loads of support from peers and tons of self-love, I accessed things and realised that all it takes is a single success at starting a company & starting-up is like a fu**ing gamble.

Driven by determination and passion, I worked on certain ways to quickly gamble at an Idea, Question like I have 10hours spread over a week.. and I have this Idea, can I make something in this 10 hours to build a prototype to see if it works or not?

This might sound simple but it takes a wide skill-set and smartness to prototype, and I would say its a skill of its own!

currently I am trying to test 2 such Ideas, and . On a whole me along with bunch of friends invested less then about 20 hours on each of these ideas.

This is an open discussion about the Idea of “Gambling with nothing to loose”, and applying this idea to startups. How to make prototypes investing very less time/money. Take no chances on a failing idea using your pure smartness and hacking skills.

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