Eventosaur – A new way to plan and host events
Presented by: nikhil jois
9 years ago
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Eventosaur is a marketplace for vendors involved in the planning and hosting of events locally. We aim to provide an online platform which not only makes it convenient for people to find all their event-planning-based needs in one place but also allows several vendors who have little or no online presence to reach out to a whole new audience. Today’s average, tech-savvy user loves to use the phrase “There’s an app for that.” Be it while planning a lunch date or a family dinner we turn to apps for reviews, ratings and the expected impact on our pockets. We even book tables or order take out, online. The way we plan our vacations has changed drastically too. However, there is huge market in the gap for services and information related to events, be they corporate, contemporary or even traditional.
This is where we come in. The hassles of planning an event can never fully go away. I mean you still have to take the very difficult call regarding whom to invite and whom not to, but for everything else there’s Eventosaur. All you need to do is tell us what your requirements are and an approximate budget. The rest involves backend filters and reverse auctions resulting in a seamless, transparent quote for the services you require for an event provided by vendors verified by our team. There’s also a seamless customer care service which makes us your single point of contact without having to worry about calling ten different people just to request a change in time or to swap out gulab jamoons for jalebis on your menu. There’s a rating and feedback system for each vendor we work with to ensure that our customers get only the best of services and a hassle-free process.

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