How we ran #SaveTheInternet for free
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9 years ago
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Back in April ’15, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released a draft recommendation that threatened the fundamental openness and neutrality of the internet in India.
A few of us got together to try and raise awareness on this issue on Net Neutrality, and it ended up being one the biggest online movements in India in recent times.
We had over 1 million emails sent to TRAI in a span of just two weeks.

I was one of the people behind the movement, and helped build and design the website and other technical aspects.

What is surprising, and relatively unknown, is that this entire campaign ran on virtually no money. We used only free services to plan, coordinate and execute this movement.

This talk is about how we used such tools effectively, and my learnings on how relatively low tech solutions can have far reaching impacts.
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