AntHillHacks – towards collective narratives
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8 years ago
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AntHillHacks was a 9 day live-together event, last summer, on a nearby hill called Devarayana Durga. It was a coming together of techies, artists, historians, makers, cooks, musicians, campers, trekkers, mappers, ecologists, students, performers, counsellors, activists, educators, professors, families and local groups. Wifi-mesh services and community radio was part of the available infrastructure. If there was one binding theme, it was the location itself.

The diverse group of people gathered at a number of locations on the hill over the nine days and discussed a number of topics – barcamp style.
This has resulted in a number of audio files that capture some of these discussions in addition to photos, drawings, text and videos. Many of those who participated have also posted photos, etc., in a number of forums and galleries on line.

We discuss and present the development of a spacial navigation of a collective narrative of the event that uses open street maps, location information, 3d methods, social tagging, web annotation, panorama images and social semantic web techniques with an interactive game like rendition.

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Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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