Changing landscapes challenging Makerspaces.
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8 years ago
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In this talk I will talk about how we have to appropriate Makerspaces to the Indian Context.

Inspired by the following 2 published articles:

Click to access 189753e.pdf

Click to access World-2025.pdf

the talk will revolve around the challenges and opportunities recognized in them and how a makerspace can play an active role to mitigate/facilitate them

I will cull out information specific to building a makerspace in the Indian context and will present how each one of us can bring about a change supporting this movement in a contextualized manner for a much needed impact.

After the talk I will open the floor for a dialogue between key stake holders of our community to add perspective and dimension to the whole talk. The key stake holders as I see to play a role in this dialogue are: a student/ a techie/ a maker/ a hacker/ a parent/ a teacher/ a home maker/ a good samaritan/ a community worker/ a policy maker/ an investor or VC/ an entrepreneur/ etc

Session difficulty level: In-depth talks

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