MathML: A ‘blind’ date with Maths – How technology has made it possible for the Visually Impaired to ‘read’ mathematics using the PC
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When was the last time you met a visually impaired (VI) person persuing an engineering degree or any of the applied sciences in India ?


By the end of the session,  (**hopefully**) you will have these questions answered  …….. 

º Why do visually Impaired students stop learning mathematics beyond the 7th grade ?

º Why aren’t there  any accessible content in mathematics or higher sciences in India today ?

º Can computers really help a VI visualize a quadratic equation ?

º How can technology ,MathML (Math markup Language ), screen reader and YOU change it all ?


º  How to create accessible math content yourself , or help your VI neighbour-kid ‘read’ mathematics himself .

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Also get to know about a bunch of youngsters working on an ambitious project in a village in trivandrum that could change the way visually impaired students learn mathematics in India.

º and learn how you can contribute to this  ..  ( we need you more than Uncle Sam does )

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You should be able to distinguish between a double-cheese burger and a quadratic equation in one-variable.
If you do not know what a screen-reader is … GOOD !!  We will explain it to you. For the hyper-curious ones, here it is:

P.S : We wont resort to any form of  blatant self promotion.  Promise !!!

23 Interested

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