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Track 2 on March 7 in bcb8 from 12AM to 1PM
In this session I would like to discuss the various possible mobile applications that can be developed for the benifit of Indians.
The use of mobile phone in India especially the highend ones powered with S60, Windows mobile, Linux with excellent features like 5+Mp cameras, support of almost every media type, GPS and location basesd features memories as huge as 16 to 32GB is increasing very rapidly.

There are a variety of apps that can be developed to suit the Indian market. few examples would be :
– Daily astrology updates based on Indian astrology.
– Indian calenders. If you guys are not aware there are a number of varieties of Indian calenders which differ from state to state, region to region and language to language.
– Apps to remotely switch off and switch on agricultural pumps (This would also add to the environmental cause)
– Language translaters.
– GPS based plotting of agricultural lands.
– And many more ideas from you guys.

We can also discuss the feasibility of the development, unidentified use cases and the commercial viability of such apps In the Indian market.

iPhone in India
We can also discuss on the failure of iPhone in India. (People have to accept this)
Apart from cost factor, what are the features or apps it lacks, because of which it could not attract Indian markey.

96 Interested

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  • This is my first time at BCB… not really sure of how to identify the sessions at the venue.

    Happy Hacking,
    Gaurav Vaish

  • Hi
    This is my first time tooo….
    But from the website and the feedback I got… looks to be the cooolest one.

  • HI,

    Looking to attend every session related to Mobile Applications,etc.

    Suggest calender dates for the same.

    Ram V
    Mbl:99452 95535

  • Hello, am very much interested when u will come with good and indian people needbase application, there are some application which i know which are indian public demand which will not fullfil indian people but its very necessary for all. Contact for detail as am working in telecom industries and know what is indian people need, my cont no is +919825000325, regards, Rahul

    • HI
      I am Chandra Sekhar working in mobile technologies.Planning to start small start up company which make mobile apps on J2me and android phones. I would like you know is any tech event happens in India which leads me or do you have any ideas

  • Hi Rahul,
    The motive of this session is to come out with some good indian apps.
    I will be discussing the same, and your inputs at the session are valuable.

  • hi what should i do if i want to work in yahoo company……….

  • I think other apps of interest may be
    – virtual labs for students
    – interactive learning games
    – ubiquitous computing

  • Hi Prasad

    Lets discuss tommorow ๐Ÿ™‚
    Catch ya there


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