Elixir- Wrapping your head around Processes and OTP.
Presented by: ananthmadhavan
8 years ago
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In this session, I will be giving an introduction on how Elixir handles processes(create, destroy, supervise and how they communicate with each other).

Then I’ll extend my presentation to Elixir’s OTP(Open Telecom Platform) and the GenServer module using a simple demo application that uses the GenServer module.

Why Elixir?

  • Elixir runs on the Erlang VM. You get all the benefits of ┬áthis mature, battle tested VM in Elixir.┬áPro Tip: WhatsApp handled 2 million connections in a single server!
  • Elixir Processes are CHEAP! You can create processes like you create Objects in Ruby. No, really! ­čśë
  • Elixir is a purely functional language. It’s fun thinking in terms of functions instead of objects.

Who uses Elixir?

  • Plataformatec(sound familiar?), housing.com, ┬áPinterest

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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