Why i ran a marathon and why you should
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8 years ago
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I have been an entrepreneur for more than 8+ years and did 2 startups. One failed and another a moderate success which was recently acquired. But hey, that’s not what i want to talk.

Like many other startup founders I was always running and doing a marathon of sorts in everything in life. But none of it built my endurance, neither got me medals nor crafted my fitness.
But one day, i saw something and decided to actually get all of these. NO, it wasn’t Forest Gump! I’ll talk about that. Because most of us have that in our drawer.

I’ll do a 30 min free flowing (barcamp style) talk mostly covering:
1) Why you should run?
2) How to finish your first 10k strongly?
3) How to prepare for your first half marathon?
4) When to start training for your first full marathon?
5) How to continue enjoy running and be injure free?
6) Know who you are : Recreational vs Amateur runner

Who i am not: I am not a six packer. Not a fitness guru.
Who i am : Just another average entrepreneur joe. Who got back his mojo when he got his feet back into his sports shoe.

This is me: https://about.me/dilipkumar

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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