Team Krishna: Eradicating illiteracy through technology
Presented by: Gargi Mazumdar
8 years ago
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Problem Statement: There are 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or do basic arithmetic. UNESCO estimates a 12% drop in world poverty if all children in developing countries had basic reading skills. Many of these children are in developing countries without regular access to schools or teachers. There are not enough teachers to meet the demand of learners in the world!

Team Krishna is a new approach, one that will remove the barriers to a quality learning experience regardless of location or economic status.

What is Team Krishna?

Team Krishna, is a project from scratch, comprised of people with no prior organizational or entrepreneurship skills. Team Krishna, is globally the first team to compete in the prestigious Global Learning XPrize challenge, which throws out a technical challenge to the world to develop smart apps which would impart basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills to a child without the need of any human intervention.

The vision of Team Krishna is to redefine education with the promise of freedom. The vision is more than a statement, which aims to eradicate illiteracy though the power of technology, and which is executed by the passionate and committed group of volunteers.

Little on our work: We are working hard to develop open source software (available for free once built) for children to teach themselves reading, writing and arithmetic!

Our gamification of learning will allow children to interact with the learning environment for longer periods of time. Our technology solution has elements of machine learning (AI) which directs the children’s learning and provides feedback in real time, in-built assessments and internationally curated curriculum. We believe that it is time to democratize learning.

We believe that this software has the power to make, in the lives of millions of underprivileged children, everyday, a purposeful day.

It’s the humble beginnings…


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Competition: XPrize Global Learning
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Website: TeamKrishna
Facebook: Facebook page

Open sourced: SpeechToText | TextToSpeech| Custom-SpeechToTextVibrationModule

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