Orchestrating from the command line
Presented by: ninadsp
8 years ago
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All you docker/containers/vagrant/kubernetes/mesos kids, get off my lawn! This isn’t a session for you…

Ever opened up Fruity Loops or Garage Band and tried to fiddle around, and get flummoxed at all the skeumorphic elements of mixers, synthesizers, keyboards and drum pads? If you’re someone like me who prefers to live in the dark, deep recesses of the matrix green command line, fear not! Good music has patterns, that can be generated using a bit of math (and trigonometry), and can often be implemented with the usual software development ideas of recursion and layers of abstraction (or, Onion Oriented Programming, as @the100rabh likes to say at times).

Extempore lets you write Lisp-like code, evaluate it, modify it on the fly, and synthesize music. We’ll crash (course) through the basics of music/sound theory, Scheme (and Extempore’s variant), look at existing demos of audio/video performances, and attempt to perform an Indian-sounding track.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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