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(a) Include all the producers of electronics which
include the following, as part of a road team of e-waste
players by the creation of a Free society on Reduction of
E-wastE (FREE) so as to curb/control the growth of ewaste.
This society needs to include the following players
so as to achieve a zero e-waste society :
(i) Consumers
(ii) Traders, brokers, retailers, logistics and
(iii) Companies, re-use centres and
(iv) Compliance schemes
(v) National and sub-national authorities
(vi) Municipalities
(vii) NGOs
Set a mission for the FREE society which should include:
(i) Sharing of experiences and lessons
learnt of management of e-waste.
(ii) Develop newer and newer e-waste
management tools.
(iii) Set ambitious standards.
(iv) Work in close liaison with the GoI
(MoEF) towards achievement of zero e-waste
(v) Set a label of excellence i.e set high
standards and work towards achievement of the
(vi) Aim for the WEEE standards to be
amalgamated with the ISO 14001 standards.
(b) In view of majority of our products/services
being internet enabled and since the common man in
India wants himself to be associated with the IT age and
considers it as the need of the hour, we need to also
consider the management of e-waste in an internet
enabled manner. All electronic products need to be tagged
with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) code
so that they are easily tracked from cradle to grave and the
same will thus ensure that they are sentenced in an ESM at
their EOL. The same can be thus propelled by the set up of
i-WEEE groups at all levels right from the rag picker to the
Government through the generators of e-waste.
(c) The Government needs to pitch in and bear 50 per
cent of Capex for e-waste recycling facilities on public
private partnership (PPP) mode. Although, the same has
taken shape by the MoEF with support from Industry
which needs to take a practical and pragmatic approach for
effective implementation of the upcoming e-waste policy,
the same needs to be taken seriously with the Government
in cracking down heavily on the informal e-waste players

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