Living with SENSES
Presented by: shivakumarbharathi
8 years ago
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When you look at animals, birds and insects they use their SENSES to live their life. The inspiration of living with SENSES comes from them.

In the context of humans, we are healthy because of the HEALTHY HABITS that we have in our lives. It is possible to create and have these healthy habits in our lives through our personal motivation. These healthy habits grows in depth and we get to sustain them when we have a community around us.

Now, during this talk:
I will be sharing the experiments thats im doing and there are 4 of them.

Having liquid based food for 36 hours during NEW moon.
Having raw food for 60 hours during FULL moon
Potluck in Indiranagar and koramangala.
Tree hugging once a month based on your birth star.

The underlying intent behind this conversation is to share how healthy habits can be created and sustained using community, trees, moon cycles, physical spaces and whatsapp.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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