Innovating in India for India- we all can and should do
Presented by: Phanikumar Pullela
8 years ago
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Every one nowadays talks about “Make in India” and now the latest tag word coined is “Innovate in India”. Then comes the obvious question, can we create/ innovate world class products? My logic here will be do we need to innovate for world? India has 120 crore population with about 50% of them are considered to be the ‘big spenders’. In this small talk, I will try to take you through a journey of innovative products I have seen with my own eyes and try creating a discussion on “how easy it is to innovate if you think local, not global”. Having said that this talk takes you through the journeys of products/ ideas like Checkmite, Soluneem, World’s cheapest genetic screening (TrueLab), Polymer flyash bricks & concludes with Slimming Pizza. The talk envisages to pack chemistry, biotechnology, business development, software & hardware development, MEMS coding, microfluidics, food science & technology, agriculture, etc in 6 minutes. If I need to convince you to think local not global, I need to do something which is considered ‘crazy to attempt’ and here it is a packed business oriented scientific info in six minutes!

Session difficulty level: Discussion

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