When Technology and Law Collide
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8 years ago
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UPDATE: Sorry folks. I will be attending a stakeholder discussion on net neutrality this weekend, so will have to cancel this session. Was really looking forward to this discussion, so hope we can do this next time. Have yourselves a great time!


When we say ‘technology’, we typically mean systems that help advance the human race. But we have come a long way from hunting tools and the printing press to being masters of information, communication and other technologies.

Law is the operating system of democracy and social order. Unfortunately, it tends to play catch-up with technology, or is rendered ineffective by misinformed policy.

What we need is synergy between existing laws and emerging technologies. The struggle is real, and any chance of success will require the active collaboration of multiple stakeholders — government, technologists, civil society, academics and private industry.

This session is an exploration of the current challenges and possible methods to achieve this synergy.

Session difficulty level: Discussion

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