Processing tweets by the KiLoEs
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tl;dr: ELK + tweets = verrryyy preetttty graphs

Server logs are a serious business. Reading cryptic message thrown out by a zillion different layers of abstractions is nobody’s dream job. In the constantly changing world of cheap VMs, continuous deployments and multi enviroment software systems, collecting them centrally and processing them may be the only sane way to pin point issues that are triggered in a specific cascade of events.

Social media is serious business. The highest valued companies in the recent past are all social media giants. Quite a few people make a living out of social media, and some even live a life. A social media account can be used to construct an extremely accurate picture of a person’s life, which s/he may not explicitly have ever realised.

Two negatives make a positive. Do two serious topics make a fun hack? Lets find out…

P.S.: To defeat awkwardness with ridiculosity and have maximum fun, I’m looking for volunteers who can get their archived data from Twitter for the session on a thumb drive. I’ll be walking everyone through the process of putting all your Twitter data into ElasticSearch and then playing with it.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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