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Docker is an important OS-level resource virtualization technology that disrupts the way software is developed, packaged and deployed. It is also an Open Source project.

The focus of this interactive demo-driven session will be:

  • Quick overview (Namespaces, control groups)
  • Docker runtime
  • Docker components (engine, hub, client API, registry)
  • Setting up docker from git repo
  • 3-tier architecture docker demo
  • How docker deals with dependency hell
  • Dockerfile
  • Containerizing Developer environment (SDLC disruption)
  • CI-CD (Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery) using Docker
  • Go CI-CD docker demo
  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)
  • How docker disrupts the DevOps space
  • Salt stack docker demo
  • Docker Container Groups
  • Orchestration and Scaling
  • Management and monitoring of Docker infrastructure
  • Monitoring solution with influxDB and Grafana demo
  • Docker ecosystem map,
  • Approaches adopted to leverage docker,
  • Different points of view (Rocket, lxd)
  • Available offerings CoreOS, Windows Azure, Mac, Amazon EC2, Google,
  • Building solutions keeping docker future in mind

For feedback or queries, please write to [email protected] or call +91-94 82 90 33 52

All are welcome !

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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