Diagnosis of Eye Problems using Smartphones
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9 years ago
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Increasing popularity and availability of smart-phones and the ease of capturing and sharing images have made them an indispensable tool for use as a clinical-imaging device in ophthalmology. Retinal photography (fundus photography) is an essential part of ophthalmology practice (by eye doctors). Acquisition of good quality fundus images (from within retina) requires a combination of appropriate optics and illumination. This is one reason why commercial fundus camera costs are very high and hence inaccessible to general public.

For initial diagnosis however simple mobile phone cameras can be used for retinal photography with or with-out the aid of external optics & lighting. We aim to provide a tool for retinal photography, archival & query of retinal images, sharing & discussion of images between ophthalmologists (eye doctors), and possibly automatic diagnosis of common ailments.

Use of smartphones for retinal imaging allows easy access to medical support at remote locations & enable early diagnosis of ailments like diabetic retinopathy which could cause total blindness even in infants & children.

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