Collaborative, platform-independent hiring for amazing teams
Presented by: Sanket Saurav
9 years ago
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DoSelect is an all-new collaborative, technology independent hiring platform for tech companies. It enables companies to assess and hire amazing talent for their teams – on any technology / platform they need to, without any hassles.

Tech companies need to hire people on diverse domains these days – web technologies, UI / UX, databases, mobile, big data, etc. The hiring process is highly manual and inefficient – involving a lot of emails, code upload / downloads, setting up test environments, et al. Adding more team members in the process is hectic as well.

DoSelect solves this for companies. It automates and optimizes your hiring funnel, so you focus on understanding the candidates better and not on mundane tasks.

This session will be focused on a brief demo of DoSelect and how you can use it to make better hires for your team.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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