Busting Myths about living abroad: Why I moved back to India?
Presented by: Vijay
9 years ago
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It’s very common for most educated Indians to be wanting to travel abroad, and perhaps wanting to live there forever. Is it worth it? What are the flavors we gain, and what are the flavors we miss?

What has been the impact of living abroad on my life? Post my return, how my entrepreneurial journey has shaped up.

Session difficulty level: Discussion

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  • If Indian’s are going to continue living in a ghetto whichever country they go, it is but natural to come back.

    At the sametime, you’ll note that the kids of the same ‘maladjusted’ indians are very well adjusted in the same system. why is that ? what is the reason ?

    The children born in that foreign country donot carry any baggage, bias or bullshit of morals. think about it !

  • Good comment Saifi. I suppose we could have discussion in these lines, and I will present my first hand experience from the US (various cities and states), and Europe (different countries).

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