Transforming an IoT idea to an IoT product
Presented by: Urmil Parikh
9 years ago
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So, you dirtied your hands connecting wires between a number of h/w modules, wrote an arduino sketch, got it to work with a cloud service, perhaps even wrote an App to build that amazing IoT idea you imagined a few months ago. And now, it is there, alive in your hands… exactly the way you had imagined! You have never been more convinced about the usefulness of your idea.

But, what next?

Put it on the shelf and forget about it? Maybe put it all on github, write an instructable and expect others to take it up from there?

OR maybe, you think this is a niche idea that can be converted to an actual product?

We started with such an idea, realized it and made it into a product for anybody to use. In this session we will discuss various aspects of transforming an IoT idea to an IoT product.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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