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A database of notes and study materials from many different branches of education are at your disposal to provide quality study material, as supplied by learners lecturers as well And the user interface is produced using one AI layer for effective browsing.
This can reduce the cost of books by 86.5%. Open library is an online library management system with a global index. When using this system learners can avoid the time they need to spend at the library browsing books. This can also be effective travel, as people and the libraries can exchange the books among them as per their interest. Review is editable by everyone so that there will be a good review will be formed. Librarians are able to communicate with users so that the loss of books avoided.
We believe the cost of education can be reduced by technology, so we have dedicated our youth to sustaining and developing an open learning system and by using creative commons license so assure the commercial use of data is avoided.

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