Transforming Software Testing Through Managed Crowdtesting
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As Crowdsourced Software Testing continues to gain ground as a real alternative in select silos of the traditional Outsourced Testing model, it is time that Enterprises consider it in their strategy as they build their next generation QA Organizations. This transformation has already started in the Industry. Parimala Hariprasad believes this will happen in two distinct stages. The first stage has already been reached by many early adopters. These are medium to large size QA enterprises which are implementing Private Crowdsourcing model and building a crowd of their own employees. This enterprise crowd allows these QA organizations to offer a controlled crowdtesting solution to the market. It also allows them to leverage crowd to support traditional outsourcing tasks and utilize their bench effectively. The crowd is managed through an enterprise wide crowdsourcing platform which comprises a centralized resource management and test management tool kit. The next stage that is already visible on the horizon is to extend this enterprise private crowd base to public crowd communities, thereby gaining on-demand access to additional capacity and specific skill set. Organizations can hence, optimize their employee strength by leveraging public crowd for executing non-sensitive and commoditized assignments. The crowdsourcing platform will be connected to a public crowd community and allow seamlessly transition from private to public crowd on-demand. Eventually all Enterprise QA Organizations will settle in a 3 way responsibility split of their current Organization that does all types of QA in three parts as: a. Private dedicated QA Team b. Private Crowdsourced QA Team c. Public Crowdsourced QA Team The responsibilities of these teams will depend upon the level of IP and future plans revealed with each scope of testing. Parimala Hariprasad will highlight the mechanics & methodology of adopting Crowdsourced to its enterprise customers. She will also some insights with the attendees on how this can be done and potential pitfalls to watch out for.

Key takeaways include:
1. Introduction to Crowdtesting
2. Benefits and Pitfalls of Crowdtesting
3. How Crowdtesting can be used as an augmented approach to software testing
4. Case Studies

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