Learn to play a song in 15 minutes
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10 years ago
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We all love listening to music. Headphones on, we forget about the world outside and retreat to our cocoon. We also drum and hum along to our favourite tunes. What if all that mindless air guitaring could make you happy, as well as people around you? Methinks it is a nice way to give back to the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

In this session, I’m gonna carry a harmonium and a mouth organ. I’ll pick up a song that I have not played ever before, and walk all the participants through my process of learning to play the tune/melody in that song. There are quite a few tricks to doing this fast, and I’ll share what I already know.

If you’ve played a musical instrument before, it’ll be easy for you to get a hang of things, and go back and try.

If you’ve got a musical instrument that you can carry along, bring it over and we’ll jam! Let’s learn from each other =)

P.S.: I’ll most probably pick up a Bollywood song which is fairly popular, or a Jagjit Singh ghazal. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to play

Session difficulty level: Discussion

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