Introduction to programming the MSP430 Microcontroller
Presented by: shreekumar3d
10 years ago
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The Arduino platform is the most popular platform for makers.

The MSP430 is a low power microntroller family from Texas Instruments. The minimal kit costs 10$, including direct shipping to your doorstep ! Excellent to start making things yourself.

Energia ( makes it as simple to program the MSP430 to do your bidding — similar to Arduino!

In this session, we will learn basics of working with microcontrollers – blinking LEDs, working with sensors. Nothing fancy.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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  • Sorry folks! This session won’t happen. The postponement by a day, and some personal work means that I will end up missing this Barcamp. See you next time, and many thanks for the volunteers of BCB!

    — Shree

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