MultiFunction-ing Devices
Presented by: Arjun Venkatraman
8 years ago
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How do we make our devices do more for us?
From overclocking computers to turning a regular UPS into a solar powered one to rooting your phone…anything that stretches the boundaries of what is possible to do with a single device…it could even be the 36 different ways of hitting someone with a stick…just as long as the device is one, and the functions many.

de•vice (dĭ-vīsˈ)►
n. A contrivance or an invention serving a particular purpose, especially a machine used to perform one or more relatively simple tasks.
n. A technique or means.
n. A plan or scheme, especially a malign one.

func•tion (fŭngkˈshən)►
n. The action for which a person or thing is particularly fitted or employed.
n. Assigned duty or activity.
n. A specific occupation or role: in my function as chief editor.

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