2 sq inches – Postit sketching
Presented by: Megha Vishwanath
8 years ago
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The mountains, rivers and trees stand wide or tall and dominate landscapes. But lets look down, squint and hold our lenses over the easily amiss small things… the ants, touch-me-nots, the clover leaves, the ladybird or the common kitchen confidant – the housefly

High school Drawing 101 revisited on quick sketches of what you see in 2 sq inches. Freeform drawing, with pencils or inks. Art, Science and Nature all meet and have an orgy in the ant hills!

We’ll have some quick inspiration in images and then see how many postit sketches, doodles, noodles – call them whatever, can anyone make in half an hr!

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

1 Interested

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