Video marketing and how to use video to generate traffic
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Leverage Video marketing today to grow your business

Raghava Satish will be talking about :  how to generate traffic and leads using Video marketing ?

Regarding the topic:

  • How  is video revolutionizing the digital space and how can marketers leverage the power of it?

Video  is the future of digital marketing. Effective Video marketing brings targeted traffic ,which later converts into paying customers.                              

Key topics and other details are listed below:

The 5W and 1H rule for videos :

  • Why videos?
  • When you must use video?
  • Where should you host your video?
  • Which equipment to use?
  • What is the cost?
  • How should you shoot videos?

Pioneers in Video

LYPGSM Technique

How to create videos easily by using the existing content

Distribution Channels

Tips machine technique

  • Managing videos in different locations
  • How can we persuvade our visitor to optin

Tools for creating and distributing videos

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