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Google App Engine – Should you, or should you not
By : ashwin
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Key decision points to keep in mind while deciding if Google App Engine is the right platform for YOU

Broad outline for this session: Some basics-

  • What is Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)? What makes PaaS different from Software-as-a-Service (Saas) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas)
  • Some popular (widely adopted) options currently available under PaaS and IaaS – comparison study
  • (X) reasons you should choose PaaS over IaaS for your next web application
  • (Y) arguments against PaaS
  • (To be added …. )

Understanding Google App Engine

  • Some Financial metrics: Quotas, Limits and Billing options
  • Runtime Platform (Development languages)
  • Developing/deploying/monitoring a GAE application vs doing the same on a VPS/Dedicated server
  • Services available on GAE (Datastore, Blobstore, Memcache, URLFetch, Task Queues … ) – when you will need them

Understanding BigTable and how it differs from traditional RDBMS

  • Performance/Scalability of BigTable vs RDBMS (MySql) – The trade offs
  • Understanding how BigTable Indexes and Queries work internally
  • Indexing/Entity Groups/Getting used to queries without joins! ….
  • ORM Frameworks for GAE-BigTable java development

What you (currently) cannot do on GAE (java)

  • JRE Class White List
  • Multi-Threading
  • Request time outs
  • Web services – restrictions
  • Deployment restrictions
  • And other gotchas worth discussing…

…. And so on…  you get the idea! There is lots to discuss and share, time is the only constraint. I shall update this space as I finalize the set of topics we can cover within the time limit. I will abstain from any kind of code/API walk-throughs or XYZ in 15 mins kind of demos. Focus will be on conceptual understanding of the merits and limitations of the Java Platform on GAE, mostly!

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