Testing Tools: Next Generation
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15 years ago
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Testing is an important process. We have seen paradigm shift as far as software development tools are concerned. But what about testing? What kind of testing tools that we are looking for in order to make development process simple and cost effective?

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  • Software testing has had many changes but the industry acceptance of the changes in India has been pathetic.

    You ask a tester, if he’d like to execute test cases till the last day of his retirement and he’d say “No”. Well, that means they dont enjoy doing it.

    I have seen many programmers at their 40’s and 50’s in India. That’s what made me asked the above question.

    The reason why I mentioned that the industry acceptance of testing has been pathetic is because the organizations want person independent testing activity so that anyone can be replaced. If someone can be replaced then obviously they dont deserve a great pay.

    Oh, you talked about tools. A tool is something that helps a human perform a task. In that sense – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Notepad, Regmon, Filemon, MSPaint are tools that testers do use.

    “We shape our tools; thereafter, our tools shape
    us.” – McLuhan

    That says all. Many software testers today in India want to move away from manual testing and want to be called as automation testers who use tools. They are turning out to be toolsmiths and not testers.

    If you have found the above interesting, here is something more for you: There are more automation testers in India than manual testers – what does that say?

    Which seems to be more manual job? A job that requires more humans, isn’t it?

    I think the change that has to happen in software testing is not with tools but with mindset and skill set of testing.

    Pradeep Soundararajan – http://testertested.blogspot.com – pradeep.srajan Gmail

    Software Testing Videos: http://www.viddler.com/explore/testertested

  • where did my previous comment go?

  • not clear on what this is about – is it in particular some software/tools, or some approaches, methodologies, etc?

  • looking forward to attend this !! do you cover some test case generation stuff also ?

  • same query as kranium256

  • Testing is one of the important process ..

  • Will testers in India ever think out of test cases?

    All testers that I have met in India state “out of the box” thinking as an important skill that testers should possess and yet they don’t think out of the box of test cases.

    Now that is irony and stupidity.

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