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PMW : today and tomorrow ( Less than 10 minutes session)
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PMW 1.6 is a small, free and open source utility developed in Bangalore.
It’s only for Windows OS, it helps you minimizing the day to day workflow and provide quicker access to basic windows functionality with lesser clicks.

I guess our agenda will be
1. A small demo (if allowed) [2 mins]
2. Upcoming features. [2 min]
3. Feature Request:  [3 mins, up to you folks]
   – Your ideas on what work flow you would want PMW to minimize for you.
4. Request to all bloggers to spread the words about it( only if they like it), specially in India.  [1 minutes]

It’s already quite popular and have 21,000+ downloads, in last 4-5  months, but sad part is even 20% of
them are also not from India. It’s a desi software and and I would like more desis to use it ;).


This is my first time, and I have no idea how thing works here, too many question in mind

1. Are there separate halls for each

2. Can i talk about this topic or i
need approval?

3. Is there any entry fee( i will come
even if it’s not free, I am not
‘use only free stuff’).

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