Mimicking Human Brain in Electronics & Computing
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15 years ago
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What this is going to be about –

1. Imagine a simple electronic circuit with same old resistances & infinite meshes. With a minor tweak of 3 design parameters – you can make it learn, store patterns & make choices. It can even display autistic behaviour in learning if you mess around with any of the 3 parameters before letting it evolve.

2. Imagine a search algorithm that can think of an elephant if you say – large, grey, mammal; can think of a whale if you say – large, grey, fish (yeah, it knows whale is not a fish.. but it also knows you can forget that sometimes); or how about a search algorithm which when asked – what has 4 legs & flies, can answer – a dead horse, lol!

3. Imagine being able to scan a human brain without MRI machines… or being able to treat birth/genetic disorders of the brain by chemical & electrical influences… & more!

What this is NOT going to be about –

1,2,3: All those studies & findings linking every other thing from the colour of your favourite underpants to your IQ levels – to the human brain.

49 Interested

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