Dare to think beyond twitter API
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15 years ago
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Dont get me wrong, Twitter API is great. Huge number of things happen on twitter and on the web, because of twitter API and some of it is really useful.

But hey! if we keep doing everything using twitter, if it keeps becoming the de-facto starting point of doing something new, we will soon stop doing new stuff. This session is a discussion on “thinking beyond twitter API”. Discussion mind you, not a session.

(Disclaimer: I am not an alter ego of or work for, any MBA Guru or study in any MBA college)

36 Interested

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  • “yeah right, a presentation. sure. how about this. _|_ or _|_ _|_ or Ill get my friend daku, he’ll shoot you. in the face.”

    Loved the comment… πŸ™‚
    unless u weren’t trying to be funny. that would be very sad πŸ™

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