Cross Browser Compatibility-The way forward
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15 years ago
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Porting your code to work across browsers is takes out a lot of time from a web-developers time-sheet.How often we hear this “It works on Firefox but doesn’t work on IE etc etc”.
This session would explore ways we can tackle this issue. This session would be
a platform place for web-developers to share their experience,their learnings on how they solved this issue.
Here are some key things we address here:

1. What did you do to handle this issue?
2. What are the issues that you come across?
3. Is there any permanent fix for this solution or do we need to make do with workarounds?

The approach that I use is using JavaScript libraries to create HTML elements so we can have the same code work across different browsers without any modifications. This seems like a possible solution for the problem. But on the downside, this puts a lot of load as the JavaScript files need to be downloaded on to the client browser.
This session can address a lot of other issues that a we as web developers face.

[I havent got much time to prepare content for the session. So plan to have it as an impromptu session]

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