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15 years ago
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We see that the cloud is getting popular day by day. We now have data which is ubiquitous and the cost is real low. Its amazing that we can access it over our powerful desktops as well over mobile phones.
But it has its own share of problems. Which are namely no guarantees, no control over data, privacy is a big concern and backup and recovery is a missing. Even bigger issue is that if business decides to shut down, customers are left in the cold.
I feel that the solution to all this is keeping the data at your own home. We can do so using dedicated data servers or use a simple GUIless Linux servers on your old PC. You already have a high speed broadband at home. So you can connect to your data server(DS) from anywhere.

Next what is needed is that though your server address is known to you via domain name. That can be made possible via a dynamic redirection service. It can be some shared location where your current IP of your DS is available. So now you connect to it, and login to get access to your data.

But this has its own share of problems. Backup is still depended on you. Dynamic redirection must work well and your broadband should work well. The final question is how good would be an application for this kind of a setup.

Friends, this is my thought. I hope we can have some good discussion over it.

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