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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
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How many women edit Wikipedia? Why is it important for more women to edit Wikipedia?

If these questions interest you, then this session is for you. Breakthrough  and the Centre for Internet and Society’s Access To Knowledge program welcomes you to this micro-talk where we aim to answer these questions and more. The talk will be followed by a live session on editing articles on Wikipedia that will go on for the whole day. The Wikipedia edit-a-thon aims to create articles on women parliamentarians and women scientists in India on Wikipedia to highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

Through this event, we encourage women and trans women to contribute to Wikipedia and increase the quality of articles related to women. It also aims at creating new articles, expanding the existing stubs and translating English articles to various Indic Languages. This event is part of the series of month long events going on during Women’s History Month. More info here.

Who is this event aimed at?
The event is open for all, but women and trans women who know about Wikipedia are particularly encouraged. If issues of open access, open knowledge interest you, then this event is for you.

Can men attend?
Yes, but you have to come along with an interested woman participant.

Any other prerequisite?
Yes. Please bring a laptop + datacard with you.

Time: 8 am

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