Replace 10 mongdb with 2 Aerospike Servers …
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10 years ago
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This is a talk about why/how Snapdeal replaced 10 MongoDB servers with 2 Aerospike NoSQL servers and how you can do the same.

From the whitepaper:

Most of the systems reviewed by Snapdeal engineers failed to meet at least one of the criteria:
• The existing MongoDB solution lacked predictable response times under high write loads, sharding was complex, and hardware requirements for scaling were cost prohibitive.
• Clustered RDBMS databases and the Terracotta BigMemory Max caching technology were too expensive.
• Redis did not have server side distribution mechanism at that point of time.
• Amazon Memcache and Amazon DynamoDB did not deliver predictable low latency.
• Couchbase replicas could only be used as backup copies, not to distribute load. Moreover, it required twice the
number of servers as Aerospike for the same throughput.

What all will I be discussing as a part of this talk:

1) How to install and configure aerospike.
(Hint: sudo rpm -i aerospike-*.rpm is all you need)
2) What all needs to be configured?
(Hint hint: nothing)
3) How do I add more servers to a cluster
(Hint: see hint 1 , thats all, really, thats all it takes)
4) Which all nosql can it replace?
(Hint: whichever you can think of)
5) Who all use Aerospike?
(Hint: Almost everyone who deliver ads, then some more, you know if I tell you I will have to go all MIB on you and Neuralize your memory out!)
6) Which all client SDK’s ?
2.0 – C,Java,Elrlang,PHP,Python,C#,C Libevent2, NodeJS
3.0 – C,Java,C#,NodeJS (rest coming soon!)

Why should you use Aerospike?

– zero-network config. i.e cluster formation using multicast.
– dynamic reconfig for most of the config options.
– auto sharding
– auto rebalancing
– and ofcourse the high tps. dont forget low latency.

About me: I am DB engineer at Aerospike.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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