Open communication & collaboration tool for humans
Presented by: Ratnadeep Debnath
10 years ago
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Waartaa ( is an open source communication and collaboration tool for teams and communities. Our mission is to build the next gen open communication and collaboration tools for teams and communities on top of existing open source communication frameworks: IRC, webRTC, etc., a one stop solution for text, audio, video communication and collaboration. In this presentation, we want to show case what is Waartaa, how it can make communication easy and fun, our roadmap. We’d happy to get feedback and contributions from the community so that we can make Waartaa useful for the community. Waartaa will prove useful not only for the Fedora community, but for the other Open Source communities as well. As part of the Fedora community, we take pride in taking the lead in solving these challenges for the entire Open Source ecosystem. You can try Waartaa at

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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