Is Big Brother Tracking you ? Lets talk facts and paranoia
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10 years ago
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We all hear things like
– “Oh, they know everything about you on the internet”
– “They can track my every activity on the internet”
– “I like to be anonymous on the internet. I dont want anyone to track me”
– “My mobile can track my location!!?”
– “How do the advertisement on the website know what i like ?”

No one, except probably 00* spies, can be completely anonymous in the world. We cant survive alone in a forest atleast not with the comforts of civilisation. The society works on sharing of information. I want to have a open discussion on whats true and whats paranoia.

Some of things I want to touch in the discussion are

– What all information about a person can be collected at different layers of internet and in real world through different ways. Yes information about you can be tracked outside the internet.

– What are some common and creative ways to get user info ?

– What are the pros and cons of user profiling for users and for businesses?

– What are cookies and are they really dangerous ?

– Safety measures you can take to safeguard your critical information and privacy

– Can you go really anonymous on the internet ? How ?

Any other related topics will be welcome as the discussion grows.

Session difficulty level: Discussion

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