Introduction To Mozilla Mobile Web Compatibility
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10 years ago
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A person should be able to use the web whatever the device they are using. Unfortunately some developers by choice or negligence will make the websites unusable for some devices. The Goal of this talk is to open up the mobile web to all devices. In our efforts to build Firefox OS and Firefox for Android as solutions for Mobile World we don’t have any control of the web content available out there. We can build up a better user experience but the products will still be affected by the lack of standards.
As stock browsers (both iPhone and Android) are build upon Webkit rendering engine. other browsers (including Firefox for Android) will experience top sites returning desktop content, inferior mobile sites, or sites with broken layout and functionality.

The talk will cover introduction to Mobile web compatibility and will walk through Compatibility issues(User Agent detection, CSS vendor prefixes, Browser specific property/feature).it will also cover mobile web compatibility efforts for Firefox OS
and Firefox for Android( , )

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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