How does it feel like to be a stutterer
Presented by: Abhinav
10 years ago
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I’ve been stuttering since my childhood. In this session I will be talking about my life learnings, challenges and social stigma faced as a stutterer. Awareness levels about stammering/stuttering are still very low in India and there are a lot of misconceptions too (some due to the negative portrayal in Bollywood movies)

I will also be talking about how technology and self help group helped me in transforming myself as a stutterer. Also I will be more than happy to answer your questions about stuttering and will try to increase awareness level about stuttering

My session will be focused on these points

1) What is stuttering

2) Why do people stutter

3) Are stutterers normal people

4) How does stuttering impact life of a stutterer

5) Concept of trans fluency

6) Stutterers as objects of fun.

7) Why do people react to stutter as they do

8) Is there cure for stuttering

9) Role of society and media towards stutterers

10) Role of technology / self help groups for transforming life of stutterers

I guess for the first time in history of Barcamp Bangalore this aspect of human diversity will be talked about. Believe me stutterers are really pessimistic and with out proper awareness in society stutterers will always have tough time in mingling with people. Attend this session, try to understand needs of stuttering community and I will make sure you will get important learnings out of this session Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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