3 interesting stories and 3 interesting learnings
Presented by: Krishna Kumar
10 years ago
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In this session I will tell you 3 interesting stories and these stories will help you in your corporate life and personal life. Why stories? These are not usual stories…these are reflections where you can see yourself.

Session difficulty level: Intro/101

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  • Some more details please. Will help me(and other too) decide on whether this session is of interest or not ๐Ÿ™‚

  • its simple…
    3 nice stories….

    which are more towards understanding the experiences of others.

    key takeaways….will be how to face the changing corporate world and how to move on…

    this is not a technical session
    This session is for the people who feel stressed out in day to day wotrk because of PMs, management, different perspectives, disturbances at wok place etc

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