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Ember.js: A framework for creating ambitious web applications
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Ember.js is designed to help developers build ambitiously large web applications that are competitive with native apps. This is an introductory session to Ember.js with a simple demo application.

Why client side MVC framework (Ember.js, Angular.js) over server side rendered HTML?

When should you use Ember.js & when should you not?

How fast is client side MVC? To download big JS libs, send JSON,, compile templates, query data, generate a HTML string!!

I’m a novice web developer. How easy is it to pick Ember.js and start using it?

Ember.js is a MVC (Model – View – Controller) JavaScript framework. It helps developers create ambitious single-page web applications that don’t sacrifice what makes the web great: URI semantics, RESTful architecture, and the write-once, run-anywhere trio of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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  • We have used EmberJS for over an year now across 3 of our projects.
    One of them is

    EmberJS has a much improved documentation and a host of reference codes now.

    An overall winner from EmberJS is the neat structuring of code. URI semantics is not sacrificed but yes using a single page model does leave one thinking about SEO.

    I think single page app has other winners on speed, management of code, caching as much as possible on client.

    I have not used AngularJS and cannot comment too much on it.

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