Mobile App – marketing, virality and more – a discussion
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12 years ago
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I am the founder of a mobile app called clubd. Initially I planned to launch our app at Barcamp, and discuss some issues that we are facing regarding growth, marketing and virality.

But after some feedback from the group, we decided to make this session all about marketing apps

To put in some context, unlike many apps which are globally scalable ours is not. Ours follows a local business model with local merchants as our partners.

So we need restricted growth, local, in Bangalore and only when we launch in another city do we want takers there.

This has led to a rather difficult situation, inability to advertise using admob for instance.

We are looking to have an open discussion on Marketing made for India apps where local distribution matters, local users matter.

How does one reach the first 1k users, the first 5k, 10k



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