Mob Discounter(A Win-Win Deal App)
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11 years ago
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How good will it be if people having identical buying interests are connected to each other, such that a Mob is formed to avail a very good discount from the vendor?

And in other means, how good will it be if a Vendor can find a group of consumers who have interests towards buying his product in internet?

If that’s the case, the cost of supply chain management can be drastically reduced for the vendor and customer can also avail the products at a very better price.

Mob Discounter is a e-commerce site/Mobile App, a mediator which enables the customers search for the deal of their own interests and forms a group/mob to avail that particular deal added by the vendor/manufacturer with a huge discount. To make sure, only genuine customers are part
of the deals, advance payment must be made by customers. It creates a Win-Win scenario for both customers and vendors.

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